An Update of My Journey

So as life goes things do not go as planned. I am totally rocking the personal and professional goals I set but lacking hard core on my health and fitness goals. Hey I will take 2 out of 3 . No one is perfect right ?

I could beat myself up and be all depressed that I haven’t lost much weight or haven’t eaten the best but that is in the past there’s no use worrying about it now.

On a side note I am just a few weeks away from starting grad school. I am getting nervous but as always I have already been planning ahead and started looking into PhD programs. Yeah, I get ahead of myself a little too often.

Another good thing that has happened is My credit score went up 70 points since last month. Ive been working on paying off my debts this summer and I finally am down to one last bill that I will pay with my next check.

So, Its Friday night and my Facebook news feed is blowing up with posts of everyone at the Eminem and Rihanna concert… what am I doing? About to make a monthly budget for myself. Weird part is that I actually am enjoying getting my financial life in order. Its like a game that I have to win at.



August Goals Update

So I have been exceeding some goals and just plain out failing at others. Its ok though, I wont let it get me down. When I am given a choice to hear bad or good news first, I always choose bad. Therefore, I will share my bad news first.

I am not meeting my health and fitness goals. I did some squats. I walk every day. I meal planned. However, the goal of going to the gym just hasn’t happened due to my laziness. I have lost 3 pounds though. So my goal of losing ten pounds this month is definitely still happening.

Anyway on to the good news ! My personal goals are going pretty well. I have seen my best friend this month already. She was awesome and helped me paint my old apartment back white. I have had date night with my boyfriend, who by the way bought me some “just because” flowers. It is nice to get out and “date” my boyfriend.
Collage 2014-08-08 20_10_41(1)

Professionally I have been exceeding my goals. My goal of passing out flyers once a week I passed by handing out flyers 4 times this past week. My goal of 10 contacts a week was blown out of the water by having 23 contacts this week! I am beyond happy with my progress in my professional goals !

I am really living in the moment this month and enjoying the free time I have. I start my graduate studies next month and I want to take advantage of the present. I also am a new mom !… a cat mom that is ! Meet my baby girl penny. She is adorable and a hand full. I guess its good practice for when… well lets not even go there right now.. maybe when I am 30 ­čÖé


I am happy as can be and I absolutely love my life.

August Goals: Professional and Personal

Professional Goals: 

Make a minimum of 10 face to face contacts a week.

Make and pass out flyers once a week for my groups.

Research, plan, propose and get approved to add one more group to the program.

Personal: (relationships)

Schedule 2 days out of the month to spend with my best friend

Schedule 1 night a week for date night with my boyfriend

Schedule 1 night out of the month for a “date night” with my mom

Schedule 1 night out of the month for a “date night” with my sister

Personal : ( health and fitness)

Jog 45 minutes every work day

Do 100 squats a day

Go to they gym 3 times a week with my sister

Meal plan for the week every Saturday

Lose 10 pounds

Personal : ( blog)

Post a minimum of once a week about my journey to meeting these goals and pictures to prove I am doing them ! ( Not the professional ones of course due to confidentiality :))


I challenge you to make a list of August Goals ! Bonus points if you post them!


Collage 2014-08-01 12_52_45






Embracing Life Decisions

So, the last year or so of my undergraduate studies a family member had been sending me $100-$200 a month to help with school cost. I didn’t ask for this but as a financially struggling student I definitely accepted it with much gratitude. This person told me that when I started graduate school that they would start sending me money again and try to help with loans later on. I of course was not expecting this and am very grateful for this person investing in my future. Unfortunately this person has changed their mind. Why you ask ? Because my boyfriend and I live together.

It came out in casual conversation that my brother, my boyfriend, and I are going to be roommates. We all are excited about this plan and especially┬áme because it beats paying my $700 a month rent all by myself. Apparently this news was a big deal in a more negative way to this family member. They spoke to my brother and mother and stated that they could no longer support me because of my “unbiblical”┬álife┬ádecision.

I just found this out today and I was furious and complaining to my friends via glide about the situation. Then I went into a depressed stage as I was feeling like a disappointment to my family. Hell, I even cried for a good few minutes. Now…. now I am at an eye opening stage. I was lucky to receive that money when I did. It was not owed to me and this person was very kind to be giving it to me. I respect their decision to not help me anymore and not support my educational path even though it doesn’t make sense to me. However, I also respect my own decisions in life.

I am done feeling like I have to hide my decisions because somebody else that I love has different standards and morals than me. I am not saying I am right and they are wrong. I am just saying that my decisions are right for me .┬á I am done being depressed about not meeting someone else’s standards. I like to have a drink once in a while, cursing makes me feel better, and living with my boyfriend has benefitted me in more ways than I ever imagined. I’m not going to bring a bottle of┬árum┬áto the next family event and curse while talking about waking up next to my boyfriend or anything, but I am definitely ready to embrace my life decisions.


No more excuses

I have been full of excuses lately. I am too tired after work to workout , I am too busy at work to follow my nutrition program, I have no time for this damn blog, and the list goes on. This attitude led me to ultimately staying at the same weight for almost a month. With an attitude change and some prior planning, I am back on track. I have heard the phrase “prior planning prevents poor performance .” I understand this to be true now more than ever.

This concept works in many aspects of my life such as school, work, and self care. I have always known this. Now it is just time to follow through.

My goal for myself this week is to plan 3 workouts with my sister and follow through with it .

My challenge to you is to think of one thing you have made excuses about not doing recently. Make a solid plan to actually do it and follow through.


(The result of prior planning, my nutrition drawer at my desk !!!!)